Dough dividers

  • One of advantages of this equipment is the economy of a labour.
  • Exact dividing the dough excludes weight errors.
  • The dough shares on the programmed rations which weight is established in advance. After that, the dough prepared for the following operation, gets on a conveyor tape.
  • The funnel is made of stainless steel.
  • In comparison with the similar equipment, this machine works silently and quickly pays-off.
  • Specifications
  • Prices
Width: 740 mm
Length: 1500 mm
Height: 1020 mm
Productivity, pcs/h: 1600-2200
Weight of dough:

50-250 g
100-600 g
250-1000 g

Total power: 1,1 Kw
Weight: 420 kg

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The manufacturer reserves the right to make technological and design (including external) changes in equipment design to improve its performance, without the prior consent of the consumer.