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How to find Us

Gimak Makina is one of the leading companies in the production of bakery equipment of the highest quality.

The company produces a wide range of equipment for the baking of bread, bakery and confectionery - baking ovens, blenders, mixers, Dough dividers, etc.

Gimak Makina exports its products to 38 countries and exports of technology 18 manufacturers of similar equipment which are located in Europe, U.S. and East.


The activity of the Company Gimak Makina is the principle of open communication with customers. Accumulated over the years of knowledge, experience and practice of our company allows us to quickly offer our customers new manufacturing solutions that meet their requirements.

Our main goal, using the practice and experience of our company to meet the needs of our customers in high-performance, manufacturability and cost in terms of energy consumption bakery and related equipment, which is achieved by the use of technologies kachastva fully meet the standards of ISO 9001:2000.


We offer a high-quality bakery equipment :

  • Rack (rotary) ovens and stone hearth deck ovens
  • Dough kneading machines
  • Dough dividers
  • Dough rounding machines
  • Proofing Equipment
  • Flour sifting machines
  • Bread slicers (automatic and semiautomatic)
  • Automatic packaging machines (uses PVC film)
  • Pneumatic clip machines
  • Bread forms, flat sheets, punched and baguette sheets.