Knives for bread slicing machines

blade c
  • Our company produces knives for Bread Slicing Machine such well-known manufacturers such as: BASTER, DAUB, JAC, AKRA, DELTA, WABAMA, LAZAMET, VLB, HERISTAL, KOBRA, and not the standard knives, provided by you.
  • Blades are made of Swedish steel.
  • Hardness web 38 HRC (Rockwell hardness).
  • The hardness of the cutting teeth is 49HRC.
  • We can also manufacture custom knives of any size provided.
  • Specifications
  • Prices
Manufacturer Distance between fixings, mm (H), mm (H) Type of mount
Daub 257,75 e
Daub Long 297 e
Delta 260 b
Delta/13mm 260 b
Heristal 258 g
Herlizius 237 g
Jac 270 b
Jac/13mm 270 b
Kalmejer 254 g
Kalmeyer AUT 317 g
VLB 259 g
Wabama 250/13mm 250 b
Wabama 285 285 b
Turkish manufacturers 261 d

To buy knives for bread slicing machines call our managers:
+38 (050) 6920938
+38 (067) 5235679


The manufacturer reserves the right to make technological and design (including external) changes in equipment design to improve its performance, without the prior consent of the consumer.