Deck baking ovens (stone hearth)

  • Designed to bake any bread from wheat, rye and mixed varieties of flour.
  • High quality baking is guaranteed by the uniform distribution of temperature.
  • The furnace is equipped with a steam humidification system.
  • Loading in the furnace produce - pallets.
  • The oven consists of 4 sections, the surface of which is made from a special impact of the stone.
  • Each section has a light.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Prices
  • Main features :
  • Use different types of energy : electricity, gas, diesel fuel.
  • Opportunity of fast transition from one type of fuel to another.
  • The consumption of a minimum amount of energy thanks to improved combustion chamber.
  • Visual input and displaying of set and actual temperature and time of baking.
  • An opportunity of removal of the interim pipes of steam in the proofing camera.
  • Lining of furnaces and airflow pipes made of stainless steel.
  • Baking on the stone hearth contributes to the long-term preservation of aromatic substances, which are in the process of baking transformed into finished products.
  • Thus the bread baked the bottom of the furnace, has the taste of bread выпеченной in the blast furnace.
Model : MF 180 MF 150 MF 100
The total area of baking, sq.m. : 18 15 10
Area of baking for each floor, sq.m.: 4,5 3,75 3
Performance (700-800gr.) : 216 pcs/h 198 pcs/h 170 pcs/h
Baking time, min. : 20-40 20-40 20-40
Temperature, С: 210-240 210-240 210-240
Gas consumption, m3/h 5-10 4-8 3-6
Diesel fuel consumption, litre/h : 4-8 3-7 2-5
Max. power, Kw/hour :
88 72 52
Min. power, Kw/hour : 4 4 4

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The manufacturer reserves the right to make technological and design (including external) changes in equipment design to improve its performance, without the prior consent of the consumer.