Gas burners URET URG-2

  • URET burner is classified as fuel oil , gas and dust coal burns categories with monoblock cast aluminum body, quiet, lightweight, long-lasting and high efficient. Process burners gas burns. Especially with the structure of solid construction and excellent burning all kinds of trouble-free performance in extreme operating conditions allow.
  • This burner URG-2 is designed to heat the oven chamber.
  • Operate in automatic mode according to the technological regime established on the remote control oven.
  • Equipped with a single-stage multi-gas unit (gearbox) the type MV-D (LE) BO1, control and protection Siemens LMG 22.330B27, control sensors and air pressure of the gas, and flame detection electrode.
  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Specifications burner:
  • gas pressure in the front part of automation: Natural gas QN P = 36,000 kJ/m3 (8500 kkal/m3) 17.5 mil bar
  • liquid gas propane-butane QN P = 115000 kJ/m3 (23500 kkal/m3) 21 mil bar
  • The composition of the waste products of combustion:
  • CO - 0,03% NOx 1758 mg / m 3 of gas category - II 2H3
  • heat capacity - min. 93kW, max. 165kW
  • Protection class - IP
  • Stage - 1
  • Controlled parameters of the oven:
  • lack of e. power
  • the extinction of the flame
  • deviation of gas pressure min/max on the parameters
  • deviation of the pressure of air from a given parameter other process parameters.
Operating pressure: 20 mil Bar
Min. operating pressure: 18 mil Bar
Max. operating pressure: 27 mil. bar
The gas flow rate: 8-12 m3/hr
Rated voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 0.37 kW
Engine rpm: rev / min
Current: 4 A
Dimensions (mm): 560 x 565 x 420
Weight, less than: 25 kg

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The manufacturer reserves the right to make technological and design (including external) changes in equipment design to improve its performance, without the prior consent of the consumer.